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Concord Capital is an international team of professionals.

Concord Capital's strength comes from a highly motivated, well-trained and knowledgeable team of professional consultants with strong and diversified relationships in a wide array of lending sources. Founded in 2004 Concord Capital has grown its business model from small cap projects only to jumbo capital projects in just four short years. Even with compression of the capital markets in this credit crisis world of ours, Concord Capital is growing every day by creating synergy between borrowers and lenders. Concord Capital offers a commitment unsurpassed in the industry. Our goal is to create excellence in an industry that is experiencing tough times.

Concord Capital is a consulting firm, and not a bank or a lender.

We guide our clients with understanding and introduce them to our network of Investment Banks located in US, Europe and the Middle East. With well over 100 other lenders to choose from Concord has positioned itself on stable ground while other consulting firms are closing or near closing their doors. Concord Capital is a member of two international lending networks that offer a vast array of financing products such as: ADC, hospitality, casino, municipality lending, Joint Ventures, Equity Partnerships, M&A financing facility, monetization and much more. Our lenders are not the traditional banking system lenders that are experiencing capital compression. They are funding sources that are highly liquid and aggressive. Because of the capital market compression these lenders will only look at overly qualified projects. To determine whether a project qualifies, one of Concord Capitals highly trained Business Finance Consultants' will guide you with the correct presentation to the lender.

Concord Capital's services are worldwide.

Much of Concord Capitals projects lay within the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Central Asia and countries of the CIS, not only in the USA. One can find hard working diligent representatives of Concord Capital on the ground seeking projects to finance from Australia to Los Angeles. Because of our constant contact & training with our Consultants on the ground worldwide we keep our hand on the economic pulse of the planet. Concord Capital brings solid experience along with the finest trained Business Finance Consultants in the business. Concord Capital's Business Finance Consultants (BFC) are thoroughly trained and certified by the nation's oldest and largest loan broker training company. This training helps to ensure that the person handling your business loan or lease has access to the most current information and financing techniques available to the market. Because the market is changing all the time Concord Capital and it's partners & lenders provide weekly training for its consultants, so they can be on the cutting edge in their knowledge of markets and instruments available for our clients today. 

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